Kingpin 27 years old

You wouldn't want to meet these pinheads in an alley.


After bowler Roy Munson swindles the wrong crowd and is left with a hook for a hand, he settles into impoverished obscurity. That is, until he uncovers the next big thing: an Amish kid named Ishmael. So, the corrupt and the hopelessly naive hit the circuit intent on settling an old score with Big Ern.


Kingpin Cast

Name Character
Bill Murray He was 45, now 73 years old as Ernie McCracken
Vanessa Angel She was 29, now 56 years old as Claudia
Woody Harrelson He was 34, now 62 years old as Roy Munson
Chris Elliott He was 36, now 63 years old as The Gambler
Lin Shaye She was 52, now 79 years old as Landlady
Zen Gesner He was 26, now 53 years old as Thomas
Lorri Bagley She was 22, now 50 years old as Beautiful Dancer
Richard Tyson He was 35, now 62 years old as Owner Of Stiffy's
Will Rothhaar He was 9, now 36 years old as Young Roy
Willie Garson He was 32, now 59 years old as Purse Snatcher
Michael Corrente He was 37, now 64 years old as Scranton Wino
Liza Oxnard as Tavern Drunk
Daniel Greene He was 36, now 63 years old as Calvert Munson
Rob Moran He was 33, now 60 years old as Stanley Osmanski
Prudence Wright Holmes as Mrs. Boorg
Googy Gress He was 37, now 65 years old as Lancaster Bowl Manager
Hank Brandt He was 62, 70 years old when he died as Bowling Priest
David Shackelford as Red Neck Stutterer
Randy Quaid He was 45, now 72 years old as Ishmael Boorg
William Jordan He was 58, now 85 years old as Mr. Boorg
Rick Barker He was 44, now 71 years old as Beaver Bowl Hustler
Mark Charpentier as 1979 Bowling Buddy
Sayed Badreya He was 39, now 66 years old as Fatima
Libby Langdon She was 42, now 69 years old as Skidmark's Squirrel
Brad Faxon He was 34, now 62 years old as 1979 Bowling Buddy

Kingpin Crew

Name Department
Christopher Greenbury as Editor. He was 44 (55) years old when He died Editing
Arlan Jay Vetter as Art Direction. Art
Barry Fanaro as Screenplay. He was 95 (now 122) years old Writing
Pamela Withers as Costume Supervisor. Costume & Make-Up
Happy Walters as Music Supervisor. Sound
Bradford Johnson as Set Decoration. Art
Brad Krevoy as Producer. He was 3 (now 23) years old Production
Steven Stabler as Producer. Production
Mort Nathan as Screenplay. Writing
John Bertolli as Co-Producer. Production
Keith Samples as Executive Producer. Production
Freedy Johnston as Original Music Composer. He was 35 (now 62) years old Sound
Jim Burke as Co-Producer. He was 38 (now 65) years old Production
Joe Kraemer as Music Editor. He was 31 (now 59) years old Sound
Chris David as Sound Re-Recording Mixer. He was 43 (now 70) years old Sound
Sydney J. Bartholomew, Jr. as Production Design. Art
Kingpin poster
Kingpin (27 years)

You wouldn't want to meet these pinheads in an alley.

  • Release day: Thursday, July 04, 1996
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Budget: 27000000.00
  • Revenue: 25023434.00