Killing Jesus 8 years old

Killing Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth’s life and ministry were subject to seismic social and political events that led to his execution and changed the world forever.


Killing Jesus Cast

Name Character
Kelsey Grammer He was 60, now 68 years old as King Herod
Emmanuelle Chriqui She was 39, now 47 years old as Herodias
Rufus Sewell He was 47, now 56 years old as Caiaphas
Vernon Dobtcheff He was 80, now 89 years old as Isaiah
John Rhys-Davies He was 70, now 79 years old as Annas
Klára Issová She was 35, now 44 years old as Mary Magdalene
Stephen Moyer He was 45, now 54 years old as Pontius Pilate
Stephanie Leonidas She was 31, now 39 years old as Salome
Haaz Sleiman He was 38, now 47 years old as Jesus
Eoin Macken He was 32, now 40 years old as Herod Antipas
Badria Timimi as Elizabeth
Aneurin Barnard He was 27, now 36 years old as James
Tamsin Egerton She was 24, now 33 years old as Claudia
Seeta Indrani She was 51, now 60 years old as Mariyam
Dan Mor as Sillaeus
Rotem Zissman-Cohen She was 32, now 41 years old as Joanna

Killing Jesus Crew

Name Department
Christopher Menaul as Director. He was 70 (now 79) years old Directing
Bill O'Reilly as Story. He was 65 (now 74) years old Writing
Martin Dugard as Story. He was 53 (now 62) years old Writing
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Killing Jesus (8 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, April 05, 2015
  • Runtime: 132 minutes