Izzat 16 years old

Life's a matter of honor


The three young immigrant boys Wasim, Riaz and Munawar are growing up in the east end of Oslo, Norway. They find school extremely boring and become attracted to the hard boiled gang East Side Crew, which is run by the brothers Sadiq and Khalid. Petty theft soon develops into drug dealing, violence and murder.


Izzat Cast

Name Character
Finn Schau He was 57, now 74 years old as Butikkekspeditør
Yngvild Støen Grotmol She was 25, now 42 years old as Renate
Anderz Eide He was 30, now 47 years old as Toller
Zahid Ali He was 28, now 45 years old as Elvis
Ove Andreassen He was 50, now 67 years old as Grisen
Henrik Rafaelsen He was 32, now 49 years old as Lærer
Harald Lönnbro He was 30, now 47 years old as Svensken
Emil Marwa He was 31, now 48 years old as Wasim
Lars Berteig Andersen as Norsk gutt
Jan Sælid He was 35, now 52 years old as Kula
Leon Bashir He was 26, now 43 years old as Hamza

Izzat Crew

Name Department
Gaute Gunnari as Director of Photography. He was 41 (now 58) years old Camera
Leon Bashir as Writer. He was 26 (now 43) years old Writing
Magnus Beite as Music. He was 31 (now 48) years old Sound
Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen as Director. He was 33 (now 50) years old Directing
Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen as Writer. He was 33 (now 50) years old Writing
Wibecke Rønseth as Editor. She was 32 (now 49) years old Editing
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Izzat (16 years)

Life's a matter of honor

  • Release day: Friday, October 07, 2005
  • Runtime: 102 minutes