It's Pat 28 years old

It's Pat

Pat Riley, an obnoxious busybody of indeterminable sex, meets and falls in love with Chris, a sensitive, caring person also of indeterminable sex. Their relationship suffers because Pat's a lout, and cannot decide on a direction for its life. Meanwhile, Pat's neighbor Kyle falls further and further into obsession with Pat, fascinated by its indeterminate sexuality.


It's Pat Cast

Name Character
Larry Hankin He was 53, now 82 years old as Postal Supervisor
Beverly Leech She was 35, now 63 years old as Mrs. Riley
Mary Scheer She was 31, now 59 years old as Nurse
Dave Foley He was 31, now 60 years old as Chris
Kathy Griffin She was 33, now 62 years old as Kathy Griffin
Julia Sweeney She was 34, now 63 years old as Pat Riley
Kathy Najimy She was 37, now 65 years old as Tippy
Timothy Stack He was 37, now 66 years old as Doctor
Charles Rocket He was 44, 56 years old when he died as Kyle Jacobsen
Julie Hayden She was 56, 43 years old when she died as Stacy Jacobsen

It's Pat Crew

Name Department
Adam Bernstein as Director. He was 34 (now 62) years old Directing
Jim Emerson as Writer. Writing
Julia Sweeney as Characters. She was 34 (now 63) years old Writing
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It's Pat (28 years)

  • Release day: Friday, August 26, 1994
  • Runtime: 74 minutes