Innocent 23 years old

A French-Greek co-production, filmed in Paris, in which the forty-year-old Maxim is released from prison after five years in prison. As he tries to adjust to life on the outside, he accidentally meets a Parisian taxi-driver who commits suicide right before his eyes. Without a pause he takes the dead cabbie's place behind the wheel and starts making the rounds of the city, transporting passengers (Jean-Pierre Léaud plays the role of a client who recites Cavafy throughout the entire ride). He feels the air of freedom, a lord of Paris and master of himself, up to the moment that he meets young Anies, and his life falls into new paths. In the end, he takes off, destination unknown.


Innocent Cast

Name Character
François Berléand He was 47, now 70 years old as Jean-René
Jacques Bonnaffé He was 41, now 64 years old as Maxime
Élisabeth Depardieu She was 58, now 81 years old as Claire
Jean-Pierre Léaud He was 55, now 78 years old as Le poète

Innocent Crew

Name Department
Costa Natsis as Director. He was 57 (now 81) years old Directing
Innocent poster
Innocent (23 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, August 25, 1999
  • Runtime: 99 minutes