Hot Paint 34 years old

Two losers rob a rich guy and discover that, among the loot, they've taken a rare painting worth $2.8 million. John Larroquette plays his usual rude, selfish character-here named Gus - and he suckers Willy (Gregory Harrison) into his scheme to rob the mansion. The two losers have to try to figure out how to sell the valuable but high-profile item without getting busted. They travel the world looking for potential buyers but always end up short. Everyone can see that they are novices in the art world and buffoons in general.


Hot Paint Cast

Name Character
Don Francks He was 56, 84 years old when he died as Don Spatulo
Gregory Harrison He was 37, now 72 years old as Willie
Scott Thompson He was 28, now 63 years old
Alan C. Peterson
John Glover He was 43, now 78 years old as Algernon
Richard FitzPatrick He was 240, 65 years old when he died
Maury Chaykin He was 38, 61 years old when he died as Wilensky
Mike Starr He was 37, now 72 years old
Graeme Campbell He was 33, 37 years old when he died
Anthony Bekenn
John Larroquette He was 40, now 74 years old as Gus
Julie Bovasso She was 57, 61 years old when she died
Ardon Bess He was 24, now 58 years old
Philip Williams He was 35, now 69 years old
Bill Hutton He was 78, 64 years old when he died
Dan Shadwell
J. Winston Carroll
John Shepherd He was 41, now 76 years old
Barbara Hamilton
Matthew Powers
Helen Hughes She was 59, 84 years old when she died
Jonathan Cecil He was 49, 72 years old when he died as Earl of Lanscombe
Ruth Springford She was 67, 89 years old when she died
Cyrielle Clair She was 32, now 66 years old as Dominique
Elias Zarou as Faisal
Sam Moses He was 44, 72 years old when he died

Hot Paint Crew

Name Department
Rene O'Hashi as Director of Photography. Camera
Andrew Kurtzman as Writer. Writing
Eliot Wald as Writer. He was 42 (57) years old when He died Writing
Brad Fiedel as Original Music Composer. He was 37 (now 71) years old Sound
Sheldon Larry as Director. He was 39 (now 73) years old Directing
Hot Paint poster
Hot Paint (34 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, March 20, 1988
  • Runtime: 89 minutes