Hot Air 6 years old

Everyone is full of something.

Hot Air

A man fakes his death. At his funeral he discovers he has a son and attempts to find him.


Hot Air Cast

Name Character
Gary Cole He was 60, now 66 years old as Aviator
Matthew Gray Gubler He was 36, now 42 years old as Lesley
Schuyler Fisk She was 34, now 40 years old as Summer
Mike Gassaway as Detective
Aaron Spivey-Sorrells as Officer Taylor
Denise Williamson as Ginger
C.K. McFarland as Mom Smith
Hugo Perez as Wedding Caterer
Jackson Hurst He was 37, now 43 years old as Bradley
Christa Miller She was 52, now 58 years old as Kate
Jere Burns He was 62, now 68 years old as Major
Byron Brown He was 58, 3 years old when he died as Maitre D'
Brenda Isaacs Booth as Mom Juniment
John Merriman He was 80, 63 years old when he died as Doctor
Amber Bartlett She was 34, now 41 years old as Blond

Hot Air Crew

Name Department
David L. Snyder as Production Design. He was 72 (now 78) years old Art
Derek Sieg as Director. Directing
Derek Sieg as Writer. Writing
Wes Cardino as Director of Photography. Camera
Kyle Fischer as Producer. Production
Kyle Fischer as Unit Production Manager. Production
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Hot Air (6 years)

Everyone is full of something.

  • Release day: Saturday, October 15, 2016
  • Runtime: 100 minutes