Honest Candidate (정직한 후보) 1 year old

Honest Candidate

Sang-sook is a competent politician who captivates the public with all kinds of nice words. One day, Sang-sook visits her grandmother who lives in the isolated house. But when she returns home, she finds out that she is not able to lie anymore.


Honest Candidate Cast

Name Character
Kim Mu-yeol He was 38, now 39 years old
On Ju-wan He was 37, now 37 years old
Song Young-chang He was 62, now 63 years old
Yoon Se-ah She was 42, now 43 years old
Na Moon-hee She was 79, now 79 years old
Yoon Kyung-ho He was 40, now 41 years old
Ra Mi-ran She was 45, now 46 years old as Ju Sang-sook

Honest Candidate Crew

Name Department
Chang You-jeong as Director. She was 44 (now 45) years old Directing
Honest Candidate poster
Honest Candidate (1 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Runtime: 104 minutes