Historiographika Errata 4 years old

Historiographika Errata

A disillusioned and suicidal Rizal, a cross-dressing Bonifacio gripped with paranoia, an ex-Katipunero who joins the US army to save his own neck, and a widow whose sex-for-food errands lead her to become the first ever Makapili. These are the historical mosaics that will form a singular hypothesis as to why we are like this as a people and up to now still reeling from our damaged culture.


Historiographika Errata Cast

Name Character
Alvin Anson He was 55, now 59 years old
Kean Cipriano He was 30, now 35 years old
Don Gordon Bell as American Soldier
Paolo Paraiso
Joem Bascon He was 31, now 35 years old as Pepe

Historiographika Errata Crew

Name Department
Richard Somes as Director. Directing
Historiographika Errata poster
Historiographika Errata (4 years)

  • Release day: Monday, November 13, 2017
  • Runtime: 90 minutes