HENRi 9 years old

Powerful short film, which explores human existence at the most fundamental, personal level - what it means to be a conscious individual. Set hundreds of years in the future, a derelict spacecraft, controlled and powered by a human brain, floats aimlessly in the outer reaches of space. Trapped in the cold, mechanical prison of the vessel, the brain, which has no recollection or concept of self, miraculously begins to experience disjointed images of its former life - images it cannot understand. Yearning for freedom and yet unable to move, the brain devises a plan to build itself a mechanical body from parts of the ship. Maybe then it will understand the images it is seeing - maybe then it will feel alive.


HENRi Cast

Name Character
Margot Kidder She was 64, 69 years old when she died as Dr. Calvin
Keir Dullea He was 76, now 86 years old as Henri (voice)

HENRi Crew

Name Department
Kevin Riepl as Music. Sound
Eli Sasich as Director. Directing
Eli Sasich as Editor. Editing
Eli Sasich as Writer. Writing
HENRi poster
HENRi (9 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, February 26, 2013
  • Runtime: 21 minutes