Hawk's Vengeance 27 years old

Eric Hawke a British Marine, attends the funeral of his policeman brother who he discovers has been attempting to investigate the mysterious kidnappings and murders of a local Asian street gang. The clues seem to point to a rival Nazi white supremacist gang as the culprits, but Lizzie (Hawke's brother's partner in the police force) is not so sure: she suspects a larger conspiracy which involves one of the city's most powerful crime bosses, a man by the name of Garr. As the body count rises, Eric, Lizzie and young Asian gang member Lipo Chung race to uncover the truth behind the murders, before more missing gang members wash up on the beach with missing organs.


Hawk's Vengeance Cast

Name Character
Serge Houde He was 44, now 70 years old as Durkee
Gary Daniels He was 34, now 60 years old as Hawk
Jayne Heitmeyer She was 36, now 62 years old as Lizzie
Catherine Blythe as Dr. Rebecca Palmer
Vlasta Vrána He was 47, now 73 years old as Duquesne
Russell Yuen He was 31, now 57 years old as Yoon
Cass Magda as Garr
George Chiang as Lipo
Charles Biddle, Jr. as Blade

Hawk's Vengeance Crew

Name Department
Mark Sanders as Editor. He was 18 (now 44) years old Editing
Myriam Vézina as Casting. Production
John Dunning as Producer. He was 70 (84) years old when He died Production
Leon Aronson as Original Music Composer. Sound
Marc F. Voizard as Director. Directing
John Berrie as Director of Photography. Camera
John Maxwell as Writer. He was 120 (105) years old when He died Writing
André Link as Executive Producer. He was 47 (now 73) years old Production
Jeff Sackman as Executive Producer. He was 43 (now 70) years old Production
Jim Cirile as Writer. Writing
Hawk's Vengeance poster
Hawk's Vengeance (27 years)

  • Release day: Monday, January 01, 1996
  • Runtime: 92 minutes