Haunter 9 years old


A teenager is stuck in a time loop that is not quite the same each time. She must uncover the truth but her actions have consequences for herself and others.


Haunter Cast

Name Character
Abigail Breslin She was 17, now 27 years old as Lisa
Michelle Nolden She was 40, now 50 years old as Carol
Stephen McHattie He was 66, now 76 years old as The Pale Man
David Hewlett He was 45, now 55 years old as Olivia's Father
Samantha Weinstein She was 18, now 28 years old as Frances Nichols
Peter Outerbridge He was 47, now 56 years old as Bruce
Sarah Manninen She was 36, now 46 years old as Olivia's Mother
Martine Campbell as Olivia's Sister
David Knoll He was 13, now 23 years old as Edgar
Marie Dame as Edgar's Mother
Tadhg McMahon as Edgar's Father
Eleanor Zichy as Olivia
Peter DaCunha He was 10, now 20 years old as Robbie

Haunter Crew

Name Department
Paul Weber as Casting. He was 190 (93) years old when He died Production
Alex Khaskin as Original Music Composer. He was 52 (now 62) years old Sound
Aleksandra Marinkovich as Set Designer. Art
Brian King as Writer. Brian King was 75 (68) years old when Brian King died Writing
Steven Hoban as Producer. He was 49 (now 59) years old Production
Jon Joffin as Director of Photography. He was 50 (now 59) years old Camera
Jason Knight as Casting. He was 49 (now 59) years old Production
John Buchan as Casting. He was 138 (64) years old when He died Production
Michael Doherty as Editor. Editing
Peter Cosco as Production Design. Art
Evan Webber as Set Designer. Art
Matthew Brian King as Screenplay. Writing
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Haunter (9 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, October 17, 2013
  • Runtime: 97 minutes