Haunted Summer 35 years old

Four lovers explore the heights of passion. And the depths of evil.

Haunted Summer

Authors Lord Byron, Mary Shelley (née Godwin) and Percy Shelley get together for some philosophical discussions, but the situation soon deteriorates into mind games, drugs, and sex. It is a fictionalization of the summer that Lord Byron and the Shelleys, together with Lord Byron's ex-lover Claire Clairmont and his Doctor John Polidori, spent in the isolated Villa Diodati by Lake Geneva. It is there they devise a contest to adduce the best horror story to kill the dullness of summer. It is also there that one of the world's most famous books was given life—Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.


Haunted Summer Cast

Name Character
Alex Winter He was 23, now 58 years old as Dr. John William Polidori
Laura Dern She was 21, now 57 years old as Claire Clairmont
Eric Stoltz He was 27, now 62 years old as Percy Shelley
Alice Krige She was 34, now 70 years old as Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
Philip Anglim He was 35, now 71 years old as Lord Byron
Donald Hodson as Rushton
Giusto Lo Pipero as Berger
Peter Berling He was 54, 83 years old when he died as Maurice
Antoinette McLain as Elise

Haunted Summer Crew

Name Department
Lewis John Carlino as Writer. He was 56 (now 92) years old Writing
Yoram Globus as Executive Producer. He was 47 (now 82) years old Production
Ivan Passer as Director. He was 55 (86) years old when He died Directing
Anne Edwards as Novel. She was 61 (now 96) years old Writing
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Haunted Summer (35 years)

Four lovers explore the heights of passion. And the depths of evil.

  • Release day: Friday, December 16, 1988
  • Runtime: 106 minutes