Hangin' with the Homeboys 30 years old

Like 'DINER' and 'AMERICAN GRAFFITI', it's fast, funny and fresh.

Hangin' with the Homeboys

Two African-Americans and two Puerto-Ricans (though one pretends to be Italian) go out on the town on a Friday night. They will be forced to get to know each other, and even worst, learn to like each other as friends


Doug E. Doug
Doug E. Doug

Willie Stevens

Mario Joyner
Mario Joyner

Tom McNeal

Hangin' with the Homeboys Cast

Name Character
John Leguizamo He was 26, now 57 years old as Johnny
Doug E. Doug He was 21, now 51 years old as Willie Stevens
Nestor Serrano He was 35, now 65 years old as Vinny / Fernando
Mario Joyner He was 29, now 59 years old as Tom McNeal
Mary B. Ward as Luna
Reggie Montgomery He was 43, 54 years old when he died as Rasta
Kimberley Russell as Vanessa
Christine Claravall as Daria

Hangin' with the Homeboys Crew

Name Department
Mary Jane Fort as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Michael Schweitzer as Editor. He was 47 (now 78) years old Editing
Richard Brick as Producer. He was 45 (68) years old when He died Production
Anghel Decca as Cinematography. Crew
Mick Mars as Music. He was 39 (now 70) years old Sound
Joseph B. Vasquez as Director. He was 28 (33) years old when He died Directing
Joseph B. Vasquez as Writer. He was 28 (33) years old when He died Writing
Hangin' with the Homeboys poster
Hangin' with the Homeboys (30 years)

Like 'DINER' and 'AMERICAN GRAFFITI', it's fast, funny and fresh.

  • Release day: Friday, April 05, 1991
  • Runtime: 88 minutes