Größer als im Fernsehen 3 years old

Größer als im Fernsehen

From a new beginning! Only after she has inherited the inheritance does Lisa realize that her deceased father's inn is heavily in debt. Her only way out: a holiday park, at whose investor she could sell the inn. But to build the park, he would also need the property of the stubborn pensioner Eleonore, who does not want to sell. Until Lisa discovers Eleonore's weakness for singer Nico Hölter and senses a chance to change her mind. The deal: Nico Hölter gives a concert to Eleonore in underwear, and she sells for that.


Größer als im Fernsehen Cast

Name Character
Fritz Roth as Herbert
Jürgen Rißmann He was 55, now 59 years old as Hannes
Gustav-Peter Wöhler He was 62, now 66 years old as Schulz
Oliver Fleischer He was 44, now 48 years old as Harald Baum
Werner Wölbern He was 57, now 61 years old as Wolfgang Denker
Nic Romm He was 45, now 49 years old as Daniel Wollschläger
Rainer Piwek He was 54, now 58 years old as Edo
Dagmar Leesch She was 44, now 48 years old as Andrea Schulz
Janina Fautz She was 23, now 27 years old as Lisa Denker
Roland Riebeling He was 41, now 45 years old as Herr Pieper

Größer als im Fernsehen Crew

Name Department
Christoph Schnee as Director. He was 47 (now 51) years old Directing
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Größer als im Fernsehen (3 years)

  • Release day: Friday, April 05, 2019
  • Runtime: 90 minutes