Go 15 years old

Mrs. Dave does not approve of her daughter, Vasundhara's next-door boyfriend, Abhay Narula, and arranges her marriage with Carson Gharodia. In protest, she elopes with Abhay on his motorbike. Enroute to Goa they run out of petrol and hitch a ride from a male named Bihari. It is this ride that will turn their lives upside down and pit them against the Police, goons, and a male named Jagtap Tiwari who thinks that they are gold and cocaine smugglers.


Go Cast

Name Character
Rajpal Yadav He was 36, now 51 years old as Kay Jagtap Tiwari
Kay Kay Menon He was 41, now 56 years old as Nagesh Rao
Govind Namdeo as Deputy Chief Minister Praveen Deshpande
Priyanka Kothari She was 23, now 39 years old as Vasundhara 'Vasu' Dave
Ravi Kale He was 34, now 50 years old as Chief Minister Arjun Patil

Go Crew

Name Department
Go (15 years)

  • Release day: Friday, October 05, 2007
  • Runtime: 110 minutes