Musical Singer (歌舞昇平) 37 years old

Entertainment manager James Wong loses his lead singer Jannie Fong when she breaks her contract. Angered, he turns his efforts to making a young dancer named Russell, who has no singing experience, into an even more successful singer than Miss Fong. During his climb to success, Russell's girlfriend, Dionne, feels alienated from him.


Musical Singer Cast

Name Character
Russell Wong He was 22, now 59 years old as Russell
Anita Mui She was 21, 40 years old when she died as Jannie Fong Tai Kim
James Wong Jim He was 45, 64 years old when he died as James Wong Man Sze

Musical Singer Crew

Name Department
Arthur Wong as Director of Photography. He was 14 (now 22) years old Camera
Dennis Yu as Director. Directing
Dennis Yu as Producer. Production
Musical Singer poster
Musical Singer (37 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, May 04, 1985
  • Runtime: 89 minutes