Frog 36 years old

He's not your everyday pet frog...!

Arlo Anderson loves his reptiles, and so when he decides to buy a rare breed of frog with his date money he winds up with more than he bargained for! Gus, the frog, happens to be Italian royalty who was cursed by a witch some 600 years ago. So with the help of Gus, Arlo plans to win this year's science fair but he also somehow has to get Gus a kiss from a girl to free him from his curse. The only problem: the girls don't really like nerdy Arlo and his reptiles...


Frog Cast

Name Character
Shelley Duvall She was 37, now 74 years old as Mrs. Anderson
Scott Grimes He was 15, now 52 years old as Arlo Anderson
Elliott Gould He was 48, now 85 years old as Bill Anderson
Paul Williams He was 46, now 83 years old as Gus
Ian Abercrombie He was 52, 77 years old when he died as Dr. Fritsky

Frog Crew

Name Department
David Grossman as Director. He was 32 (now 69) years old Directing
Frog poster
Frog (36 years)

He's not your everyday pet frog...!

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 1987
  • Runtime: 54 minutes