Fried Green Tomatoes 31 years old

The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Amidst her own personality crisis, southern housewife Evelyn Couch meets Ninny, an outgoing old woman who tells her the story of Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison, two young women who experienced hardships and love in Whistle Stop, Alabama in the 1920s.


Fried Green Tomatoes Cast

Name Character
Chris O'Donnell He was 21, now 52 years old as Buddy Threadgoode
Mary-Louise Parker She was 27, now 58 years old as Ruth Jamison
Kathy Bates She was 43, now 74 years old as Evelyn Couch
Nick Searcy He was 32, now 64 years old as Frank Bennett
Gailard Sartain He was 45, now 76 years old as Ed Couch
Jessica Tandy She was 82, 85 years old when she died as Ninny Threadgoode
Cicely Tyson She was 67, now 98 years old as Sipsey
Lois Smith She was 61, now 92 years old as Mama Threadgoode
Mary Stuart Masterson She was 25, now 56 years old as Idgie Threadgoode
Gary Basaraba He was 32, now 64 years old as Grady Kilgore
Richard Riehle He was 43, now 75 years old as Reverend Scroggins
Constance Shulman She was 33, now 65 years old as Missy
Stan Shaw He was 39, now 70 years old as Big George
Timothy Scott He was 54, 57 years old when he died as Smokey Lonesome
Fannie Flagg She was 47, now 78 years old as Teacher
Jo Harvey Allen She was 46, now 78 years old as Woman's Awareness Teacher
Wallace Merck as KKK Man
Haynes Brooke as Older Julian Threadgoode

Fried Green Tomatoes Crew

Name Department
Elizabeth McBride as Costume Design. She was 36 (42) years old when She died Costume & Make-Up
Debra Neil-Fisher as Editor. She was 33 (now 65) years old Editing
Carol Sobieski as Screenplay. She was 52 (51) years old when She died Writing
Geoffrey Simpson as Director of Photography. He was 8 (now 23) years old Camera
Thomas Newman as Original Music Composer. He was 36 (now 67) years old Sound
Jon Avnet as Director. He was 42 (now 73) years old Directing
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Fried Green Tomatoes (31 years)

The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce.

  • Release day: Friday, December 27, 1991
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Budget: 11000000.00
  • Revenue: 119418501.00