French Cinema Mon Amour 6 years old

How is French cinema perceived around the world?

French Cinema Mon Amour is an ensemble film in which each contributor brings their own voice, their own particular approach, their culture, and their language to produce a portrait of French cinema.


French Cinema Mon Amour Cast

Name Character
Martin Scorsese He was 72, now 79 years old as Himself
Brie Larson She was 25, now 32 years old as Herself
Oliver Stone He was 68, now 75 years old as Himself
Diane Kruger She was 38, now 45 years old as Herself
Agnieszka Holland She was 66, now 73 years old as Herself
Stephen Frears He was 74, now 81 years old as Himself
Tsai Ming-liang He was 57, now 64 years old as Himself
Michael Haneke He was 73, now 80 years old as Himself
Rossy de Palma She was 50, now 57 years old as Herself
Ronit Elkabetz She was 50, 51 years old when she died as Herself
Wim Wenders He was 69, now 76 years old as Himself
Jean-Pierre Dardenne He was 64, now 71 years old as Himself
Spike Lee He was 58, now 65 years old as Himself
Luc Dardenne He was 61, now 68 years old as Himself
Brillante Mendoza He was 54, now 61 years old as Himself

French Cinema Mon Amour Crew

Name Department
French Cinema Mon Amour (6 years)

How is French cinema perceived around the world?

  • Release day: Monday, July 06, 2015
  • Runtime: 56 minutes