Four Boxes 12 years old

While working together in their eBay auction business, Trevor, Amber and Rob grow increasingly obsessed with the Web site, which follows the bizarre and potentially dangerous behavior of a creepy character they nickname "Havoc." As Havoc builds bombs and prepares to unleash disasters, the friends debate over whether they should try stopping him or just enjoy the show.


Four Boxes Cast

Name Character
Terryn Westbrook She was 33, now 46 years old as Amber Croft
Justin Kirk He was 39, now 52 years old as Trevor Grainger
David Tufford as Bill Zill
Bain Boehlke as Neighbor
Sam Rosen as Rob Rankrus

Four Boxes Crew

Name Department
Wyatt McDill as Director. Directing
Wyatt McDill as Writer. Writing
John Allen as Producer. He was 64 (now 77) years old Production
Megan Huber as Producer. Production
Brady Kiernan as Line Producer. Production
Four Boxes (12 years)

  • Release day: Friday, May 01, 2009
  • Runtime: 84 minutes