Firing Squad (Le peloton d'exécution) 30 years old

Based on the controversial case of Pvt. Joseph Pringle, a Canadian soldier convicted of murder in Italy in 1945 and executed by firing squad.


Cedric Smith
Cedric Smith

Lt. Col. Harfield

Chris Owen
Chris Owen

Jorge Zebrowski

Charley Boorman
Charley Boorman

Private Sammy Macartney

David Hemblen
David Hemblen

Sgt. Mortlake

Louis Ferreira
Louis Ferreira

Private Greg Blair (as Justin Louis)

Greg Morris
Greg Morris

Private Jacob Dorn

All Cast

Name Character
Robin Renucci He was 34, now 65 years old as Capt. Philippe Dumont
Chris Owen He was 10, now 40 years old as Jorge Zebrowski
Malcolm Stewart He was 42, now 73 years old as Maj. Tom McGuire
Brent Stait He was 31, now 61 years old as Cpl. Bloggs
Roch Leibovici as Private Claude Martinon
Greg Morris He was 57, 62 years old when he died as Private Jacob Dorn
Louis Ferreira He was 23, now 54 years old as Private Greg Blair (as Justin Louis)
Simon de La Brosse He was 26, 33 years old when he died as Private Denis Fremont
David Hemblen He was 9, now 21 years old as Sgt. Mortlake
Charley Boorman He was 24, now 54 years old as Private Sammy Macartney
Steve Marshall He was 30, now 61 years old as Private Chalkie Molloy
David Gow He was 34, now 64 years old as Lt. Wilson
Cedric Smith He was 47, now 77 years old as Lt. Col. Harfield
Richard Waugh He was 29, now 60 years old as Soldier
Albert Schultz He was 27, now 58 years old as Capt. Aubrey Bruxton
Stephen Ouimette He was 36, now 67 years old as Capt. John Adam
Philippe Dormoy He was 37, now 67 years old as Sgt. Konzuk


Name Department
Christiane Lack as Editor. He was 52 (now 82) years old Editing
Susan Forrest as Casting. Production
Susan Longmire as Production Design. Art
Firing Squad (30 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 1991
  • Runtime: 97 minutes