Faustina 55 years old

Faustina, the offspring of a black G.I. and a Roman woman who met during the conflict of World War II, must choose between two Italian men who desperately vie for her attention.


Faustina Cast

Name Character
Renzo Montagnani He was 38, 66 years old when he died as Quirino
Vonetta McGee She was 23, 65 years old when she died as Faustina Ceccarelli
Ottavia Piccolo She was 19, now 74 years old as Young Peasant
Enzo Cerusico He was 30, 53 years old when he died as Enea Troiani
Ernesto Colli He was 28, 42 years old when he died as Vespasiano - Lover of Faustina's mother
Clara Bindi She was 40, now 96 years old as Faustina's Mother
Diana De Curtis
Valentino Macchi He was 31, 75 years old when he died as Carabiniere

Faustina Crew

Name Department
Roberto Gerardi as Director of Photography. He was 48 (75) years old when He died Camera
Armando Trovaioli as Original Music Composer. He was 51 (95) years old when He died Sound
Faustina poster
Faustina (55 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, October 10, 1968
  • Runtime: 106 minutes