Extreme Sex 1: The Club 26 years old

Extreme Sex: Dyanna and Brad are on their way to meet buddies Rebecca and Sean at a popular gathering spot. It's Dyanna and Brad's anniversary. They're celebrating five monotonous years of routine matrimony. Perhaps a night at a nice supper club will relieve the samenesss -- for a few hours, anyway. The restaurant turns out to be a Sex Club. An Extreme Sex Club. With hot wax. Interracial anal. Shaving. Foot worship. And a brisk spanking, for good measure. Gettin' hot? Join the club. Extreme Sex: The Club. Part One of a sizzling series.


All Cast

Name Character
Tammi Ann She was 22, now 49 years old
Tom Byron He was 32, now 59 years old
Dyanna Lauren She was 28, now 55 years old
Brad Armstrong He was 28, now 55 years old
Sean Michaels He was 36, now 63 years old


Name Department
Kelly Holland as Director. She was 41 (now 68) years old Directing
Extreme Sex 1: The Club (26 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, March 13, 1994