Escape from Mars 24 years old

The finest crew. The greatest ship. The most dangerous mission.

Five astronauts make the first manned trip to Mars in the second decade of the 21st century. They must battle and overcome inferior computer components, corporate greed and indifference, and their own personal problems, as well as the surprises that the Red Planet has in store for them.


Escape from Mars Cast

Name Character
Allison Hossack She was 34, now 58 years old as Andrea Singer, Mission Chemist
Christine Elise She was 34, now 58 years old as Lia Poirier, Sagan Cocommander
Peter Kelamis He was 32, now 56 years old as Robert Poirer, Lia's Husband
Kavan Smith He was 28, now 53 years old as Sergei Andropov, Misson Biogeochemist
Michael Shanks He was 28, now 52 years old as Bill Malone, Mission Architect
David Kaye He was 34, now 59 years old as Steve Yaffe
Tammy Isbell She was 98, now 122 years old as Stephanie Rank, John's Ex Wife
Julie Khaner She was 41, now 65 years old as Gail McConnell, Mission Control
Peter Outerbridge He was 32, now 57 years old as John Rank, Sagan Cocommander
Aaron Pearl He was 26, now 51 years old as Robert Singer
Ron Lea He was 98, now 122 years old as Jason, Mission Control Weasel
Jonathan Barrett as Richard Singer
Arlene MacPherson as Remi

Escape from Mars Crew

Name Department
Darena Snowe as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Candice Elzinga as Casting. Production
Neill Fearnley as Director. He was 46 (now 70) years old Directing
Jim Henshaw as Screenplay. He was 49 (now 74) years old Writing
Bette Chadwick as Casting. Production
Paul Mortimer as Editor. He was 30 (now 55) years old Editing
Michael J.F. Scott as Producer. Production
Peter Allen as Music. He was 55 (48) years old when He died Sound
Escape from Mars poster
Escape from Mars (24 years)

The finest crew. The greatest ship. The most dangerous mission.

  • Release day: Thursday, March 25, 1999
  • Runtime: 100 minutes