Eloise at Christmastime 19 years old

Eloise at Christmastime

Eloise is a precocious but lovable six-year-old girl who lives in New York's Plaza hotel. The owner of the hotel's daughter is getting married, but Eloise decides she is marrying him for the wrong reasons and tries her hand at a spot of matchmaking, but will it work?


Eloise at Christmastime Cast

Name Character
Julie Andrews She was 68, now 87 years old as Nanny
Rick Roberts He was 54, now 73 years old as Brooks
Neil Crone He was 43, now 62 years old as Agent Kringle
Kenneth Welsh He was 61, now 80 years old as Sir Wilkes
Christine Baranski She was 51, now 70 years old as Prunella Stickler
Jeffrey Tambor He was 59, now 78 years old as Mr. Salomone
Julian Richings He was 47, now 66 years old as Patrice
Sofia Vassilieva She was 11, now 30 years old as Eloise
David Sparrow He was 41, now 60 years old as Charlie the Doorman
Rothaford Gray as Security Guard
Debra Monk She was 54, now 73 years old as Maggie
Arlene Duncan as Lily
Jason Jones He was 30, now 49 years old as Bartender
Gerry Quigley He was 75, 75 years old when he died as Room Service Operator
Gene Dinovi He was 75, now 94 years old as Vincent (as Gene Di Novi)
Corinne Conley She was 74, now 93 years old as Mrs. Thornton
Sergio Di Zio He was 31, now 50 years old as Lou the Bellhop
Tannis Burnett as Miss Thompson
Cliff Saunders as Max
Debra McGrath She was 49, now 68 years old as Cornelia
Gavin Creel He was 27, now 46 years old as Bill

Eloise at Christmastime Crew

Name Department
Nancy Foy as Casting. Production
Elizabeth Chandler as Writer. Writing
Kevin Lima as Director. He was 41 (now 61) years old Directing
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Eloise at Christmastime (19 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, November 23, 2003
  • Runtime: 89 minutes