Dylan Speaks 1965 15 years old

The legendary press conference in San Fransisco at KQED studios on Dec. 3rd 1965. This was a pivotal year in Bob Dylan's career. In the early part of the year he released "Bringing It All Back Home", the first album that saw him move distinctly away from his folk music origins. In the summer he followed it with "Highway 61 Revisited", an out and out rock 'n' roll album, and the single "Like A Rolling Stone" hit No.2 on the US charts. His appearance at that year's Newport Folk Festival saw him use an electric guitar on stage, a hugely controversial move at the time that saw him booed by much of the audience. Against this background, Dylan went into the studios of TV station KQED in San Francisco for a broadcast press conference hosted by Ralph J. Gleason, his only one from this era ever to be filmed.


Dylan Speaks 1965 Cast

Name Character
Bob Dylan He was 65, now 81 years old
Larry Hankin He was 66, now 81 years old
Allen Ginsberg He was 80, 70 years old when he died
Bill Graham He was 75, 60 years old when he died

Dylan Speaks 1965 Crew

Name Department
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Dylan Speaks 1965 (15 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  • Runtime: 53 minutes