Dracula's Curse 15 years old

When the underworld rises...the hunters are called.

A team of vampire hunters set out to battle an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld.


Elissa Dowling
Elissa Dowling

Pure Blood

Griff Furst
Griff Furst


Tom Nagel
Tom Nagel

Rick Tattinger

Thomas Downey
Thomas Downey

Rufus King

Eliza Swenson
Eliza Swenson

Gracie Johannsen

Rhett Giles
Rhett Giles

Jacob Van Helsing

Dracula's Curse Cast

Name Character
Amanda Barton as Darvulia
Rhett Giles He was 32, now 48 years old as Jacob Van Helsing
Thomas Downey He was 57, now 72 years old as Rufus King
Jeff Denton as Rafe
Eliza Swenson She was 22, now 38 years old as Gracie Johannsen
Christina Rosenberg as Countess Ezabet Bathorly
Tom Nagel He was 25, now 40 years old as Rick Tattinger
Griff Furst He was 24, now 40 years old as Konstantinos
Elissa Dowling She was 56, now 71 years old as Pure Blood
Marie Westbrook as Anastasia Ravenwood
Sarah Hall He was 32, now 47 years old as Sadie McPherson
Justin Jones He was 42, now 57 years old as Vampire
Sarah Lieving as Alex Deveraux
Derek Osedach as Jimmy 'The Kid' D'Amico
Chriss Anglin as Rich 'Nebraska' Zulkowski

Dracula's Curse Crew

Name Department
Leigh Scott as Director. He was 34 (now 49) years old Directing
Leigh Scott as Writer. He was 34 (now 49) years old Writing
Dracula's Curse poster
Dracula's Curse (15 years)

When the underworld rises...the hunters are called.

  • Release day: Tuesday, April 25, 2006
  • Runtime: 107 minutes