Don't Try This at Home! 30 years old

Penn and Teller play with mirrors, teach 900 people to make a hankie disappear, play with clear acrylic boxes, turn marshmallows into tools of violence, do some erotic fire-eating, become the King of Animal Traps, produce bees without end, make Jane Curtin do a magic trick with a needle, dental floss, and her pierced ear, and drive a truck filled with concrete over Teller.




Penn Jillette
Penn Jillette


Jane Curtin
Jane Curtin


All Cast

Name Character
Victoria Jackson She was 31, now 61 years old as Herself
Penn Jillette He was 35, now 66 years old as Himself
Jane Curtin She was 43, now 73 years old as Herself
Teller He was 42, now 73 years old as Himself


Name Department
John Moffitt as Director. He was 9 (now 40) years old Directing
John Moffitt as Producer. He was 9 (now 40) years old Production
Teller as Writer. He was 42 (now 73) years old Writing
Penn Jillette as Writer. He was 35 (now 66) years old Writing
Don't Try This at Home! poster
Don't Try This at Home! (30 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 23, 1990
  • Runtime: 47 minutes