Doggin' Around 28 years old

The past catches up with an ageing American jazz pianist when he returns to the clubs of Lancashire and Yorkshire that he last visited 10 years previously.


Doggin' Around Cast

Name Character
Ewan McGregor He was 23, now 52 years old as Tom Clayton
Elliott Gould He was 56, now 84 years old as Joe Warren
Alun Armstrong He was 48, now 76 years old as Charlie Foster
Liz Smith She was 72, 95 years old when she died as Mrs. Thompson
Geraldine James She was 44, now 72 years old as Sarah Williams
Tony Caunter He was 57, now 85 years old as Sergeant Greene
Stephen Marcus He was 32, now 60 years old as Newman
Russell Richardson He was 17, now 46 years old as Mr. Jones
Jamie Foreman He was 36, now 65 years old as Wells
Larry Lamb He was 47, now 75 years old as Ken
Neil McCaul as Pete

Doggin' Around Crew

Name Department
Desmond Davis as Director. He was 68 (now 97) years old Directing
Alan Plater as Writer. He was 59 (75) years old when He died Writing
Doggin' Around poster
Doggin' Around (28 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, October 16, 1994
  • Runtime: 90 minutes