Divided by Hate 25 years old

When Carol Gibbs becomes involved with religious- and political-cult leader Steve Riordan's anti-government movement, she takes her children and leaves her husband Louis. Louis, a young farmer, tries every legal and governmental means to get his children back, without success. At his wit's end, he hires private investigator Danny Leland to snatch his children from the cult.


Divided by Hate Cast

Name Character
Tom Skerritt He was 63, now 88 years old as Steve Riordan
Andrea Roth She was 29, now 54 years old as Carol Gibbs
Dylan Walsh He was 33, now 58 years old as Louis Gibbs
Jim Beaver He was 46, now 71 years old as Danny Leland
Christy Summerhays as Annie Vandenberg
Alyssa Hansen as Mary Gibbs
Kyle Hansen as Billy Gibbs
David McConnell as Jonny Vandenberg

Divided by Hate Crew

Name Department
Abra Edelman as Casting. Production
Elisa Goodman as Casting. Production
Harvey Kahn as Executive Producer. Production
Joseph Conlan as Music. He was 44 (now 69) years old Sound
Reed Smoot as Director of Photography. He was 134 (79) years old when He died Camera
Dennis O'Flaherty as Story. Writing
John V. Stuckmeyer as Producer. Production
John V. Stuckmeyer as Production Manager. Production
Divided by Hate (25 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 1997
  • Runtime: 91 minutes