Dissonances 19 years old

Nat drives on the interstate with his two young daughters in the back seats, when a car drives by and an unknown guy shoots one of his daughters dead for no reason. Nat's life is shattered. He becomes obsessed with finding the killers, assaults two men, kills one, goes to jail, is left by his wife, grows old estranged from his other daughter. We see the action first through Nat's eyes, then via Brautigan, the cop in charge of the investigation, and finally from the perspective of the remaining daughter Margo. The deconstructed narrative echoes the chaos within Nat and emphasizes the fact that the characters are out of tune with one another, which is the meaning of the original title.


Dissonances Cast

Name Character
Didier Flamand He was 56, now 76 years old as Henry
Danny Keogh He was 55, 71 years old when he died as Bill
Jacques Gamblin He was 46, now 65 years old as Nat
Bérénice Bejo She was 27, now 46 years old as Margo
Françoise Viallon as Lee
Paddy Canavan as Sarah Kandinsky
Keren Tahor as Helen
Brent Palmer as Glen Rand
Nicholas Andrew as Saul Rand

Dissonances Crew

Name Department
Jérôme Cornuau as Director. He was 42 (now 61) years old Directing
Dissonances poster
Dissonances (19 years)

  • Release day: Friday, February 20, 2004
  • Runtime: 107 minutes