Disappearance 3 years old

What's the last thing you saw?


After the Author George Boulangé disappears from his sailboat one night, Detective Kenny Park must try to ascertain what happened by interviewing his wife, girlfriend and captain.


Disappearance Cast

Name Character
Jemma Dallender She was 31, now 34 years old as Cecile
Brian Thompson He was 59, now 63 years old as Captain Cody
Cortney Palm She was 32, now 36 years old as Isabelle
Reggie Lee He was 43, now 47 years old as Detective Park
Matthew Marsden He was 46, now 50 years old as George
Hutch Dano He was 27, now 30 years old as Blake

Disappearance Crew

Name Department
Disappearance poster
Disappearance (3 years)

What's the last thing you saw?

  • Release day: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • Runtime: 79 minutes