Déjala correr 20 years old

Déjala correr

Argentinian film which tells the story of Diego, a 20-year-old guy who is given a mysterious recording camera, but he doesn't even imagine what he is able to do with it.


Déjala correr Cast

Name Character
Pablo Rago He was 29, now 50 years old as René
Julieta Díaz She was 24, now 45 years old as Mónica
Fabián Vena He was 33, now 54 years old as Manuel
Juan Pablo Galli as Pizzero
Florencia Bertotti She was 18, now 39 years old as Belén
Gabriel Goity He was 41, now 62 years old as Cliente antigüedades
Nicolás Cabré He was 21, now 42 years old as Diego
Gabriel Molinelli as Kioskero
Lola Berthet She was 24, now 45 years old as Amiga de Belén

Déjala correr Crew

Name Department
Enrique Cortés as Writer. Writing
Juan Pablo Galli as Executive Producer. Production
Nicolás Muñoz as Screenplay. He was 19 (now 40) years old Writing
Rodrigo Muñoz actor as Writer. He was 32 (now 53) years old Writing
Hugo Colace as Cinematography. He was 17 (now 38) years old Crew
Alberto Lecchi as Director. He was 47 (now 68) years old Directing
Alberto Lecchi as Writer. He was 47 (now 68) years old Writing
Iván Wyszogrod as Music. He was 30 (now 51) years old Sound
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Déjala correr (20 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, October 04, 2001