Death Heads: Brain Drain 3 years old

The third chapter in the splat-tastic horror 'greatest hits' film series spotlighting some of Full Moon's strangest and sickest sequences framed by an all new narrative, This time, we follow the further adventures of a masochistic drifter trapped in the lair of "The Gore Collector," a sadistic curator of carnage who was has chosen the drifter to be the heir to take over his evil operation.


Death Heads: Brain Drain Cast

Name Character
Linnea Quigley She was 60, now 64 years old
Michelle Bauer She was 60, now 63 years old
Jacqueline Lovell She was 43, now 47 years old
Chuck Connors He was 97, 71 years old when he died
Brinke Stevens She was 64, now 68 years old
Tim Thomerson He was 72, now 76 years old
Denice Duff She was 53, now 57 years old

Death Heads: Brain Drain Crew

Name Department
David Schmoeller as Director. He was 70 (now 74) years old Directing
Albert Pyun as Director. He was 65 (now 69) years old Directing
Death Heads: Brain Drain poster
Death Heads: Brain Drain (3 years)

  • Release day: Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Runtime: 76 minutes