Dear Wendy 16 years old

One shot is all it takes

In a blue-collar American town, a group of teens bands together to form the Dandies, a gang of gunslingers led by Dick Dandelion. Following a code of strict pacifism at odds with the fact that they all carry guns, the group eventually lets in Sebastian, the grandson of Dick's childhood nanny, Clarabelle, who fears the other gangs in the area. Dick and company try to protect Clarabelle, but events transpire that push the gang past posturing.


All Cast

Name Character
Jamie Bell He was 19, now 35 years old as Dick Dandelion
Mark Webber He was 29, now 44 years old as Stevie
Thomas Bo Larsen He was 41, now 57 years old as Customer
Bill Pullman He was 51, now 67 years old as Krugsby
Michael Angarano He was 17, now 33 years old as Freddie
Alison Pill She was 19, now 35 years old as Susan
Chris Owen He was 24, now 40 years old as Huey
Novella Nelson She was 65, 77 years old when she died as Clarabelle
Danso Gordon He was 26, now 42 years old as Sebastian
Trevor Cooper He was 52, now 68 years old as Dick's Dad


Name Department
Sisse Graum Jørgensen as Producer. He was 33 (now 49) years old Production
Birgitte Hald as Executive Producer. She was 41 (now 57) years old Production
Avy Kaufman as Casting. She was 1985 (now 2001) years old Production
Joyce Nettles as Casting. Production
Peter Garde as Executive Producer. Production
Annie Périer as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Peter Menne as Art Direction. He was 45 (now 60) years old Art
Benjamin Wallfisch as Original Music Composer. He was 26 (now 41) years old Sound
Mikkel E.G. Nielsen as Editor. He was 32 (now 48) years old Editing
Bo Ehrhardt as Executive Producer. He was 41 (now 57) years old Production
Jette Lehmann as Production Design. Art
Thomas Vinterberg as Director. He was 36 (now 52) years old Directing
Karl Júlíusson as Production Design. Art
Dear Wendy poster
Dear Wendy (16 years)

One shot is all it takes

  • Release day: Friday, February 04, 2005
  • Runtime: 105 minutes