Dead in a Heartbeat 19 years old

Total carnage is just a beat away.

An unlikely duo, Lieutenant Tom Royko of the Seattle Bomb Squad and renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Gillian Hayes, find themselves in a race against time to track down a disturbed bomber who is inexplicably causing Dr. Hayes' patients to explode.


Dead in a Heartbeat Cast

Name Character
Timothy Busfield He was 44, now 64 years old as Franklin
Penelope Ann Miller She was 38, now 58 years old as Dr. Gillian Hayes
Judge Reinhold He was 44, now 64 years old as Lt. Tom Royko
Fulvio Cecere He was 41, now 61 years old as Detective Berman
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Jessica Sara
Matthew Walker He was 33, now 53 years old as Dr. Hayes
Jeffrey Ballard He was 15, now 35 years old as Troy
Keith Provost as Anesthesiologist
Zachary Ansley He was 30, now 50 years old as Male Doctor

Dead in a Heartbeat Crew

Name Department
James Bamford as Stunt Coordinator. He was 55 (now 75) years old Crew
Mark Rosman as Writer. He was 43 (now 63) years old Writing
Paul Antier as Director. He was 96 (91) years old when He died Directing
Dead in a Heartbeat poster
Dead in a Heartbeat (19 years)

Total carnage is just a beat away.

  • Release day: Sunday, March 03, 2002
  • Runtime: 91 minutes