De-Lovely 18 years old

A love that would never die and music that would live forever.


From Paris to Venice to Broadway to Hollywood, the lives of Cole Porter and his wife, Linda were never less than glamorous and wildly unconventional. And though Cole's thirst for life strained their marriage, Linda never stopped being his muse, inspiring some of the greatest sons of the twentieth century.


De-Lovely Cast

Name Character
Jonathan Pryce He was 57, now 76 years old as Gabriel
Kevin Kline He was 56, now 75 years old as Cole Porter
Elvis Costello He was 49, now 68 years old
Kevin McNally He was 48, now 67 years old as Gerald Murphy
Kevin McKidd He was 30, now 49 years old as Bobby Reed
Keith Allen He was 51, now 70 years old as Irving Berlin
James Wilby He was 46, now 65 years old as Edward Thomas
Allan Corduner He was 54, now 73 years old as Monty Woolley
Natalie Cole She was 54, 65 years old when she died
Ashley Judd She was 36, now 55 years old as Linda Porter
Alanis Morissette She was 30, now 49 years old
Sheryl Crow She was 42, now 61 years old
Caroline O'Connor She was 41, now 60 years old as Ethel Merman
Mick Hucknall He was 44, now 63 years old
Sandra Nelson She was 41, now 60 years old as Sarah Murphy
Robbie Williams He was 30, now 49 years old
Diana Krall She was 39, now 58 years old
Lara Fabian She was 34, now 53 years old
Peter Polycarpou He was 47, now 66 years old as Louis B. Mayer
Dean Constantin He was 26, now 45 years old as Hotel Porter

De-Lovely Crew

Name Department
Eve Stewart as Production Design. She was 43 (now 62) years old Art
Andrew Grant as Assistant Art Director. Art
Nina Gold as Casting. She was 37 (now 56) years old Production
Rob Cowan as Producer. He was 56 (now 75) years old Production
Julie Monroe as Editor. She was 4 (now 23) years old Editing
John Hill as Art Direction. Art
Janty Yates as Costume Design. She was 54 (now 73) years old Costume & Make-Up
Tony Pierce-Roberts as Director of Photography. He was 59 (now 78) years old Camera
Irwin Winkler as Director. He was 73 (now 92) years old Directing
Irwin Winkler as Producer. He was 73 (now 92) years old Production
Jay Cocks as Author. He was 60 (now 79) years old Writing
Charles Winkler as Producer. He was 51 (now 70) years old Production
John Bush as Set Decoration. He was 40 (now 59) years old Art
De-Lovely poster
De-Lovely (18 years)

A love that would never die and music that would live forever.

  • Release day: Friday, July 02, 2004
  • Runtime: 125 minutes
  • Budget: 20000000.00