Contagion 20 years old

Every breath you take could be your last.

In the 21st Century, terrorists have developed a new way to strike: disease. Not only have they created a deadly Level Four Ebola virus, their first victim is the President of the United States. The virus is particularly contagious and is spreading. If a cure cannot be found, the only chance for saving the world from epidemic is for the army to destroy the hospital and the town where the victims, including the President, are currently contained. The clock is ticking. As doctors search for a cure the military seeks to annihilate them all in a race to stop the deadly path of the contagion. Can the spread be stopped before its too late?


Contagion Cast

Name Character
Bruce Boxleitner He was 52, now 72 years old as President Howard
Lin Shaye She was 58, now 78 years old as Laura Crowley
Tom Wright He was 49, 49 years old when he died as Tom Brenner
David Wells He was 38, now 59 years old as Dell Maxwell
Megan Gallagher She was 42, now 62 years old as Dr. Diane Landis
Dan Lauria He was 55, now 75 years old as General Ryker
Jeffrey Combs He was 47, now 67 years old as Brown

Contagion Crew

Name Department
John Murlowski as Director. He was 49 (now 69) years old Directing
Contagion poster
Contagion (20 years)

Every breath you take could be your last.

  • Release day: Wednesday, May 15, 2002
  • Runtime: 95 minutes