Concealed Weapon 29 years old

Something unthinkable is happening among Hollywood's elite power players... and Oliver Wright is in the midst of it all. A struggling actor, Oliver gets the lead in a movie for a well-known producer. But what starts out as the role of a lifetime turns into a role others would "kill" for!


Concealed Weapon Cast

Name Character
Lisa Boyle She was 29, now 58 years old as Polish Emigree (as Cassandra Leigh)
Daryl Haney He was 30, now 59 years old as Oliver Wright
Bob McFarland He was 52, 73 years old when he died as Ryan
Christopher Boyer He was 33, now 62 years old as Weasle
Pamela Pond as Victim (as Pamela Runo)
Suzanne Wouk as Nina
Linda L. Miller as Customs Agent

Concealed Weapon Crew

Name Department
Dave Payne as Director. He was 6 (now 23) years old Directing
Dave Payne as Writer. He was 6 (now 23) years old Writing
Rodman Flender as Executive Producer. He was 31 (now 60) years old Production
Sally Mattison as Associate Producer. Production
Milan Živković as Director. Directing
Milan Živković as Producer. Production
Milan Živković as Writer. Writing
Elliot Anders as Original Music Composer. Sound
Mark Doering-Powell as Cinematography. Crew
Concealed Weapon poster
Concealed Weapon (29 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, January 01, 1994
  • Runtime: 80 minutes