Cold Dog Soup 32 years old

Cold Dog Soup

Randy Quaid as the taxi driver drives Zen parables (Is time money - Is time the root of all evil?) into his passenger/protegee in a high-speed, idiosyncratic tour of their city's ethnic coteries. All the boy wants is to dispose of his date's dead dog Jasper and get back to the babe who's so hot she mutters darkly about being a Pressure Cooker: his conventional efforts are continually thwarted. Quaid is respected by the peculiar groups he interests in the dog's corpse and effects, and our one-gloved heroine is much keener on him than on her rather lackluster date.


Cold Dog Soup Cast

Name Character
Sheree North She was 58, 73 years old when she died as Mrs. Hughes
Frank Whaley He was 27, now 59 years old as Michael Latchmer
Nancy Kwan She was 51, now 83 years old as Madame Chang
Pierre Epstein He was 60, now 92 years old as Marty
Dante Basco He was 15, now 47 years old as Chinese Boy
Jeff Chayette as Herschel the Guard
Christine Harnos She was 21, now 54 years old as Sarah Hughes
Allan Trautman He was 35, now 67 years old as Joseph
Randy Quaid He was 39, now 72 years old as Jack Cloud

Cold Dog Soup Crew

Name Department
Kaja Fehr as Editor. She was 40 (now 72) years old Editing
Marcia Shulman as Casting. Production
William E. McEuen as Producer. Production
Denis O'Brien as Executive Producer. He was 32 (now 64) years old Production
Alan Metter as Director. He was 57 (now 89) years old Directing
Thomas Pope as Producer. He was 483 (52) years old when He died Production
Thomas Pope as Screenplay. He was 483 (52) years old when He died Writing
David L. Snyder as Production Design. He was 45 (now 78) years old Art
David L. Snyder as Associate Producer. He was 45 (now 78) years old Production
Richard Gilbert Abramson as Producer. He was 89 (now 122) years old Production
George Harrison as Executive Producer. He was 47 (58) years old when He died Production
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Cold Dog Soup (32 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, September 06, 1990
  • Runtime: 87 minutes