Cold Blood (Das Amulett des Todes) 47 years old

Corinna witnesses how three guys chase and shoot a man in front of her lonesome house. As only witness, they force her to come with them and care for the guy's wound. But she manages to flee shortly after and takes Blondi to a doctor. He tells her his story, how he used to smuggle drugs, but one day fled with a suitcase full of money. Corinna inexplicably falls in love with him and decides to accompany him on his further flight. But the villains are close behind them.


Cold Blood Cast

Name Character
Rutger Hauer He was 31, 75 years old when he died as Cris
Günther Stoll He was 50, 52 years old when he died as Stazi
Walter Richter He was 70, 80 years old when he died as Arthur
Andreas Mannkopff He was 36, 76 years old when he died as Doktor
Vera Tschechowa She was 34, now 82 years old as Corinna
Horst Frank He was 46, 69 years old when he died as Himmel - The Boss
Walter Sedlmayr He was 49, 64 years old when he died as Franz Grendel
Erich Kleiber He was 84, 65 years old when he died as Mann
Anna-Maria Asmus as Hilda the Doctor's Wife

Cold Blood Crew

Name Department
Helmut Kraft as Makeup Artist. He was 16 (now 64) years old Costume & Make-Up
Christel Orthmann as Editor. Editing
Hans-Joachim Ketzlin as Executive Producer. Production
Ralf Gregan as Director. He was 41 (now 88) years old Directing
Günter Vaessen as Director. Directing
Günter Vaessen as Screenplay. Writing
Rolf Bauer as Original Music Composer. He was 36 (now 84) years old Sound
Cold Blood poster
Cold Blood (47 years)

  • Release day: Friday, July 18, 1975