Code Name: Phoenix 23 years old

Born to fight. Trained to kill. Destined to survive.

A Hong Kong martial artist joins forces with a U.S. marshal in 2020 to stop the release of a virus that halts the aging process.


Code Name: Phoenix Cast

Name Character
Nigel Bennett He was 50, now 74 years old as Head of Marshall Service
Lexa Doig She was 26, now 50 years old as Conchita Flores
Christina Cox She was 28, now 52 years old as Aurora
Alec McClure He was 107, 80 years old when he died as Digital image of Sasha
Jeffrey Meek He was 41, now 64 years old as US Marshal Jake Hawkins
Jeanne Chinn as Agent Lucy Chang
Dennis Akayama as Dr. Fong

Code Name: Phoenix Crew

Name Department
Mark Snow as Music. He was 53 (now 77) years old Sound
James Cappe as Writer. Writing
Jeff Freilich as Director. Directing
Jeff Freilich as Producer. Production
Jeff Freilich as Writer. Writing
George Willis as Director of Photography. He was 96 (83) years old when He died Camera
Fritzi Horstman as Producer. Production
Neil Felder as Editor. Editing
Code Name: Phoenix poster
Code Name: Phoenix (23 years)

Born to fight. Trained to kill. Destined to survive.

  • Release day: Thursday, March 02, 2000
  • Runtime: 90 minutes