Cleo/Leo 32 years old

Leo Blockman (Scott Baker), an egocentric, sexist businessman who thinks he's God's gift to women, gets a taste of his own medicine when he tries picking up the wrong woman: a murderous psycho who shoots him. Leo falls off a bridge and emerges from the river, inexplicably transformed into a beautiful woman. Naming herself Cleo Clock (Veronica Hart), she / he begins to place herself in Leo's life. While avoiding sexist office types and trying to find a way to turn herself back into a man, "Cleo" begins to develop her own personality that takes over Leo's.


Monique Gabrielle
Monique Gabrielle

Bimbo (uncredited)

Veronica Hart
Veronica Hart

Cleo Clock

Debbie Rochon
Debbie Rochon


Cleo/Leo Cast

Name Character
Paul Borghese as Fred
Debbie Rochon She was 20, now 52 years old as Reporter
Ginger Lynn Allen She was 26, now 58 years old as Karen
Monique Gabrielle She was 25, now 58 years old as Bimbo (uncredited)
Ruth Collins as Sally
Daniel Chapman He was 69, 41 years old when he died as Ape
Allen Lewis Rickman as Minister
Veronica Hart She was 32, now 64 years old as Cleo Clock
Jennifer Delora She was 27, now 59 years old as Bernice
Kimberly Taylor as Store Clerk
Kurt Sinclair as Ruth's Boyfriend
Frank Stewart He was 66, 56 years old when he died as Benedict
Joe Giardina as Earl
Philip Campanaro as Al
Loretta Palma as Kitty Miller
Kevin Thomsen as Bob Miller
Alan Naggar as Marvin Blockman

Cleo/Leo Crew

Name Department
Chuck Vincent as Director. He was 14 (16) years old when He died Directing
Chuck Vincent as Editor. He was 14 (16) years old when He died Editing
Chuck Vincent as Producer. He was 14 (16) years old when He died Production
Chuck Vincent as Screenplay. He was 14 (16) years old when He died Writing
Larry Revene as Director of Photography. He was 46 (now 79) years old Camera
Cleo/Leo poster
Cleo/Leo (32 years)

  • Release day: Monday, May 01, 1989
  • Runtime: 92 minutes