Charlotte Corday 15 years old

Charlotte Corday

Set in July 1793 during the outbreak of the French Revolution and the unleashing of the Reign of Terror, a young girl from Caen named Charlotte Corday plots to assassinate Jacobin newspaper editor Jean-Paul Marat.


Charlotte Corday Cast

Name Character
Raphaël Personnaz He was 26, now 42 years old as Camille Desmoulins
Martine Gautier as Simone Evrard
Émilie Dequenne She was 26, now 42 years old as Charlotte Corday
Christophe Laubion He was 58, now 73 years old as Jean-Jacques Hauer
Philippe Saïd as Chabot
Sidney Wernicke as Barbaroux
Thierry Gibault He was 55, now 70 years old as Fouquier-Tinville
Bernard Blancan He was 49, now 65 years old as Marat
Franck Adrien He was 43, now 58 years old as Robespierre
Céline Duhamel She was 55, now 70 years old as Madame de Tournelle
Marc Fayet He was 46, now 62 years old as Montané
Julien Tortora He was 28, now 43 years old as Damien le coiffeur
Alain Blazquez He was 52, now 68 years old as Le prêtre Lothringer

Charlotte Corday Crew

Name Department
Henri Helman as Director. He was 61 (now 76) years old Directing
Henri Helman as Writer. He was 61 (now 76) years old Writing
Odile Barski as Writer. She was 62 (now 77) years old Writing
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Charlotte Corday (15 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, May 08, 2008
  • Runtime: 93 minutes