Catch.44 10 years old

If you are going down, take everyone with you


The lives of three female assassins take a sudden turn when their charming boss lures them into one last job. They soon find themselves thrust into a bizarre situation involving a psychotic hit man, a grizzled trucker and a delusional line cook.


Catch.44 Cast

Name Character
Bruce Willis He was 56, now 66 years old as Mel
Forest Whitaker He was 50, now 60 years old as Ronny
Malin Åkerman She was 33, now 43 years old as Tes
Deborah Ann Woll She was 26, now 36 years old as Dawn
Michael Rosenbaum He was 39, now 49 years old as Brandon
Brad Dourif He was 61, now 71 years old as Sheriff Connors
Shea Whigham He was 42, now 53 years old as Billy
Edrick Browne as Devon
Reila Aphrodite as Sara
Nikki Reed She was 23, now 33 years old as Kara
Jill Stokesberry as Francine

Catch.44 Crew

Name Department
Gary Frutkoff as Production Design. Art
Avram Butch Kaplan as Executive Producer. He was 55 (now 65) years old Production
George Furla as Executive Producer. He was 50 (now 61) years old Production
Randall Emmett as Producer. He was 40 (now 50) years old Production
Richard Byard as Editor. Editing
Jeff Cutter as Director of Photography. Camera
Kevin Beard as Stunt Coordinator. He was 30 (now 41) years old Crew
Cassian Elwes as Executive Producer. He was 52 (now 62) years old Production
Robert Ogden Barnum as Executive Producer. Production
Gary Myers as Art Direction. He was 59 (now 69) years old Art
Aaron Harvey as Director. He was 31 (now 41) years old Directing
Aaron Harvey as Screenplay. He was 31 (now 41) years old Writing
Anthony Gudas as Executive Producer. Production
Michael Benaroya as Producer. He was 30 (now 41) years old Production
Michael Corso as Executive Producer. Production
Megan Ellison as Producer. She was 25 (now 35) years old Production
Henry Karp as Executive Producer. Production
Holden Ostrin as Executive Producer. Production
Ted Schipper as Executive Producer. Production
Neil Wechsler as Executive Producer. Production
Johanna Argan as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Jason Babin as Special Effects. He was 31 (now 41) years old Crew
Catch.44 poster
Catch.44 (10 years)

If you are going down, take everyone with you

  • Release day: Thursday, December 08, 2011
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Budget: 7000000.00