Captured 65 years old

Directed by cult British director John Krish, the film was sponsored by the Army Kinematograph Corporation. This tightly plotted drama shows British POWs enduring brainwashing and torture during the Korean War, thereby revealing what a soldier could expect if he was ever captured by enemy forces.


Captured Cast

Name Character
Brian Murray He was 21, 80 years old when he died
Bernard Fox He was 31, 89 years old when he died
Ray Brooks He was 19, now 85 years old
Mark Eden He was 30, now 96 years old
Gerald Flood He was 31, 61 years old when he died
Wilfrid Brambell He was 46, 72 years old when he died
Alan Dobie He was 26, now 92 years old

Captured Crew

Name Department
Michael Reed as Director of Photography. He was 29 (now 95) years old Camera
John Krish as Director. He was 35 (92) years old when He died Directing
John Krish as Writer. He was 35 (92) years old when He died Writing
Captured poster
Captured (65 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 1959
  • Runtime: 65 minutes