Captain America 44 years old

Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America

An artist, Steve Rogers, is nearly murdered by spies, looking for his late father's national secrets. He is saved during surgery when a secret formula is injected into him; this serum not only heals him but also gives him fantastic strength and lightning reflexes. To help him solve the mystery behind his father’s murder and bring those guilty to justice, a government agency equips him with a special motorcycle loaded with gadgets and an indestructible shield. Now armed, he battles against the nation's enemies as the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America.


Captain America Cast

Name Character
Reb Brown He was 30, now 75 years old as Captain America / Steve Rogers
Joseph Ruskin He was 54, 89 years old when he died as Rudy Sandrini
Heather Menzies She was 29, 68 years old when she died as Dr. Wendy Day
Len Birman He was 47, now 91 years old as Dr. Simon Mills
Robin Mattson She was 22, now 67 years old as Tina Hayden

Captain America Crew

Name Department
Don Ingalls as Teleplay. He was 60 (95) years old when He died Writing
Don Ingalls as Story. He was 60 (95) years old when He died Writing
Rod Holcomb as Director. Directing
Ronald W. Browne as Cinematography. Crew
Jack Kirby (American football) as Characters. He was 56 (84) years old when He died Writing
Joe Simon as Characters. He was 65 (98) years old when He died Writing
Peter Carpenter as Original Music Composer. He was 87 (79) years old when He died Sound
Martin M. Goldstein as Associate Producer. Production
Mike Post as Original Music Composer. He was 34 (now 78) years old Sound
Captain America poster
Captain America (44 years)

Sentinel of Liberty

  • Release day: Friday, January 19, 1979
  • Runtime: 97 minutes