Canes 16 years old

There are some fates that are worse than death...

David Goodman is on the pick of his career as a PR executive when he suddenly loses his chance for a big promotion and, unfortunately, his sight at a street attack. Soon after a message is left on his answering machine about a doctor, named Guillermo List, who can help David to regain his eyesight and get his career back on track with only price... his soul.


Canes Cast

Name Character
Edward Furlong He was 29, now 46 years old as David Goodman
Michael Madsen He was 49, now 65 years old as Guillermo List
Robert Clarke He was 86, 85 years old when he died as Mr. Walters
Zak Santiago He was 25, now 42 years old as Antique Dealer
Paul Jarrett He was 45, now 62 years old as Harry Conlan
Sandra Steier as Anika Sams
Tobias Mehler He was 30, now 47 years old as Tony Sturkel
Chandra West She was 35, now 52 years old as Lisa Goodman
Richard Stroh as Scar
Lexie Huber as Mrs. Randolph
Michael Bean as Jonathan
Jenny Mitchell as Jenny
Kim Kondrashoff as Phil Brotman
Patrick Keating as Walter Van Tilburg
John Innes as Roger Eno

Canes Crew

Name Department
Patricia Rose as Casting. Production
Michael Bafaro as Director. Directing
Michael Angelella as Writer. He was 53 (now 70) years old Writing
Shaun Lawless as Director of Photography. Camera
Canes poster
Canes (16 years)

There are some fates that are worse than death...

  • Release day: Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Budget: 2400000.00