Caligula's Spawn 11 years old

Caligula's Spawn

The beautiful and dangerous slave trader Druscilla practises all the customs of Ancient Rome - everything in Excess. But even excess can have its limits and the punishments can be very severe if she crosses the line with Flavius and risks falling out of favor.


All Cast

Name Character
John Comer He was 85, 59 years old when he died as Flavius
Rena Riffel She was 40, now 52 years old as Druscilla


Name Department
Lloyd A. Simandl as Director. He was 61 (now 73) years old Directing
Lloyd A. Simandl as Writer. He was 61 (now 73) years old Writing
Caligula's Spawn poster
Caligula's Spawn (11 years)

  • Release day: Monday, September 07, 2009
  • Runtime: 84 minutes